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1 december 2020 05:44 av Volumil Supplement

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Tinnitus comes from a Latin word, tinnire, that literally means “ringing.” The medical term, tinnitus, means “ringing in the ears.” For sufferers of this annoying condition, it can just mean “madness!” Tinnitus rears its ugly head in many ways, but all involve the perception of some type of noise heard inside the head. These noises can be perceived as ringing, hissing and even the heartbeat. This ringing in the ears affects some twenty percent of the population, about one third of which are elde

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Tinnitus is an ear condition that involves constant sound in the ears, which can range from clicking to hissing or a high-pitched sound. However, one should be aware that these sounds are not externally audible. These ear and sound concerns can affect the cognitive functions of anyone and impact one’s attention and concentration.

30 november 2020 08:10 av Silencil supplement review

Silencil supplement review

A common cause of tinnitus is damage to the small sensory hair cells in the cochlea, which is situated in the inner ear. These cells can get weaker by age or excessively loud noise can cause this condition. This sensory loss changes the way your brain perceives sound; if it receives stimuli around a certain frequency, it changes the perception of sound. If a foreign object or earwax is causing tinnitus, removing that object gets rid of tinnitus.

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