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visiting Germany as the dictator’s guests (with photos to prove it). At worst, the relationship might have been outright collaborationist: Contested documents allege

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outright collaborationist: Contested documents allege that Edward supported “continued heavy bombing” by Germany in order to “make England ready for peace.

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visiting Germany as the dictator’s guests (with photos to prove it). At worst, the relationship might have been outright collaborationist: Contested documents allege

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with Nazi Germany. At best, the relationship was far too cozy, with Hitler lamenting Edward’s abdication as “a severe loss for us,” and with Edward and his wife

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Well, today Edward is perhaps most remembered not only for his ardent love and the abdication crisis it spawned, but also for his post-abdication association

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only upon the single thought of what would, in the end, be best for all.” He also pledged to offer his dethroned services to the nation.

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In the speech, Edward struck a modest chord, assuring the British people that “I have made this, the most serious decision of my life,

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today, though there doesn’t appear to be a lot of sentiment about it as the former residence of a king. It’s occupied by a Canadian billionaire.

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served as Governor of New Jersey and represented the state in the Senate. It is signed not by a King, or a Duke, but simply “Edward.” The fort remains a royal holding

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