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In the speech, Edward struck a modest chord, assuring the British people that “I have made this, the most serious decision of my life,

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today, though there doesn’t appear to be a lot of sentiment about it as the former residence of a king. It’s occupied by a Canadian billionaire.

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served as Governor of New Jersey and represented the state in the Senate. It is signed not by a King, or a Duke, but simply “Edward.” The fort remains a royal holding

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white gloves—and is expected to sell for at least $3,000. This copy of the speech is addressed, “with best wishes,” to Walter E. Edge, an American diplomat who twice

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delivered a speech that the BBC broadcast on the radio. A copy of that speech, signed by Edward himself is now up for auction—along with one of Wallis Simpson’s

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So it’s fitting that Fort Belvedere served as the site of Edward’s abdication on December 10, 1936. The following day, when he was no longer King, Edward

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(Edward’s brother became King George VI, whose daughter Elizabeth is the longest-serving monarch in British history, at 67 years and counting.)

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ministers and the Church of England. Just 11 months after assuming the throne, Edward abdicated, and about six months later he married Simpson

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her first weekend at Belvedere in 1932. Edward became King in early 1936, but his desire to marry the soon-to-be-twice-divorced Simpson put him at odds with his

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Through lavish parties, he turned the estate into a kind of English West Egg, with a recurring guest of honor: Wallis Simpson, an American who spent

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